1. Sign the Change.org Petition.

Support for our petition, found here, will be critical in order to show our targets that there is widespread support for the campaign from around the world.

We know that millions around the world are already closely following the issue and would like to support — our petition is the simplest way to do so.

2. Post on social media using #NoRightsNoGames2022.

You can find high quality images here to post on social media with the hashtag #NoRightsNoGames2022 to show support for the campaign.

You can also support @NoRightsNoGames on Twitter & Instagram.

3. Speak to your National Olympic Committees.

One of the most effective means by which pressure can be exerted from the ground up will be through advocacy at the national and local level around the world.

You can easily find your National Olympic Committees here and contact them, reiterating our primary message that if China does not respect Uyghur rights and close the internment camps, they will not be fit to host the 2022 Games.

4. Join the Campaign!

Send us an email at info@norightsnogames.org if you’d like to join the campaign.